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Hapi is taking a break. Orders will be shipped every Monday.
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Verified Flow reviews.

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Game changer.
This product couldn't have had more of a positive impact, my energy and willingness to thrive each day has sky rocketed! These are now one of the few things I wish I had found earlier in life, and I will make sure I NEVER run out. Bye bye coffee hello Hapi.

Torin O'Brien | Verified Buyer

Love it!
Love it. Have been so impressed with it. Even forgot to leave work as I was so in the groove with work. Was so in focus. Cannot recommend it enough. Why are we not all knowing and using these?????

Irana | Verified Buyer

Amazing Product!
After starting on Flow I've found myself a LOT more focused on work. I'm meeting KPIs more, getting stuff done faster and in general just working a lot harder and retaining more info.

Fletcher Clark | Verified Buyer

The Extra Edge.
When you need to get lots of somethings done Flow will give you that extra edge. For those days when you want all the dots to connect, I don't just suggest, I recommend, getting in the zone with Flow. Be a better you and give these a go!

Dave Oh | Verified Buyer

Useful In The Clutch.
I have a full day desk job. Sometimes, the work is interactive, involving phone calls or meetings. Often, the work is just data entry/calculations between me and my computer. Towards mid/end of the day, my brain sometimes refuses to work consistently. I love coffee, but that only gives me energy, not necessarily the ability to get the work done. Within 10-15 minutes of taking Flow, my mind narrows, and I can concentrate on a single task without feeling itchy or having to take a break. The effect lasts for about an hour (maybe), but the momentum of good work can keep me going for longer. It would be nice to have a longer effect, but this really helps for certain periods of the day.

Alex Krupnik | Verified Buyer

Great Product.
An automatic increase of energy, concentration and performance. Highly recommend this product.

Gloria Sawaya | Verified Buyer

Great Product!
I found with the focus I didn't need to have my coffee. Combine this with adequate sleep and I felt on track all day which was amazing. I didn't have extreme tunnel vision but I was definitely more assertive. Over the trial of this product I noticed definite improvements in my memory at work! Flow was also a great product giving me energy through my gym routine and afternoon but no crash so I was still able to sleep comfortably plus all natural!!! Fantastic work Hapi!

Jess Smith | Verified Buyer

Loved The Focus.
Loved the focus. It gives me a nice energy and focus that last all day. Will definitely buy again.

Joy C | Verified Buyer

A Great Product.
A great product that you begin to feel almost immediately.

Richard R | Verified Buyer

Certainly Seems To Help Me.
Certainly seems to help me focus. I don't feel like I need umpteen cups of coffee during the day to get into the same sort of zone and keeps the dreaded mid afternoon brain fog at bay.

Ayesha K | Verified Buyer

Delivers all that is promised plus some.

Brendon G | Verified Buyer

Definitely Helps Me Get Through.
Definitely helps me get through the day and remain focussed, especially when I'm lacking sleep or mentally fatigued.

Peter M | Verified Buyer

Flow Gets Me In The Zone.
Flow does in deed get me in the zone. Bypassing the standard morning lethargy or apprehension about the day, i can get straight to task and tackle the days events with ease. Great stuff!

Lewis E | Verified Buyer

Fantastic Product.
Fantastic product. Definitely puts me in the flow and gives me energy for many hours during the day. Love it and will order more :)

Irana I | Verified Buyer

Almost Good.
Tried a few but then cut down because of sleep depravation. It winds you up so you cannot go off at night properly. Should get mixed with 'Doze' if you up to take it on daily-basis.

Vitaly | Verified Buyer

Helped me during intense period of work.
I didn't need to rely on caffeine to handle a stressful and high intensity period of the year. I didn't feel specifically stimulated, but I found it easier to push through the mental fog and maintain my attention when required.

Anonymous | Verified Buyer

Loved the Flow state.
Flow was a great product - a really smooth, calm energy, which allowed me to get more done at work but also be more patient with others which is a problem for me at times.

Anonymous | Verified Buyer

Flow is terrific.
I have a continuous energy state that makes my day go smoothly and I feel like I can complete so much more than before I was using Flow.

Anonymous | Verified Buyer

Maintain the Flow at work.
Taking Flow twice a day, once in the morning and one at lunch, provides sustenance throughout the day to keep focused at work.

Anonymous | Verified Buyer

Subtly noticeable.
No pick me up effect. No jittering. Barely noticed anything. But you'd look back at the day and realise how well you performed, and how you're still going. Great stuff when combined with good sleep and Uridine.

Josh Marshman | Verified Buyer

Good product.
The previous flow formula / recipe I believe/feel was stronger and more effective? I generally feel more alert/stable through the day but i geniunely feel like the older recipe/formula was better. In the first style of dark bottle (not white tub). But could be a bit of placebo.

Alex | Verified Buyer

Good product.
I have fairly pronounced ADHD, so I'm fully aware that perhaps the positive benefits of a Nootropic like Hapi may not be as pronounced in me as they would be in others. I tried a bottle for just over a month and I would like to THINK it made a difference, but I'm honestly not 100% sure.I'm used to more sudden effects when taking stimulants or noots, and since Flow is such a slow release I found it very difficult to pinpoint when and if it was kicking in.My Sleep Cycle app tells me my sleep quality copped a 2% quality hit on days I took Hapi, while taking magnesium and dopamine supplements gave me 2% increase. Alcohol reduced quality by 4%, while ear plugs increased it by 5%. I'm uncertain how reliable this data is, but it's the best tracking method I've got.However, I noticed throughout the first month that my caffeine reliance dropped a bit, I found it easier to meditate and my mood seemed overall much more positive and at ease. Since I've run out of Flow, my caffeine dependence is back with a vengeance but mood had remained fairly positive.I think the Hapi brand, user experience and purchasing process is all super top notch.

Sean | Verified Buyer

Amazing product from a great company.
After 2 weeks of daily use I have noticed a significant increase in my mental alertness and focus.

Tom R | Verified Buyer

Excellent Product.
Excellent product Hapi!

Jordan C | Verified Buyer

I love this product!
I love this product! It has really made a difference to my ability to concentrate and focus on work. I have really struggled with a foggy brain and I believe this has really helped me. Give it a try!

Andrea C | Verified Buyer

Solid product.
I have been performing mentally better since being on it.

Peter M | Verified Buyer

Good product.
Definitely feeling focused and alert.

Sean H | Verified Buyer

Frequently asked questions.

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When will my order be shipped?
All orders are shipped via AusPost from our facilities in Melbourne. Customers can expect their order to arrive within 72 hours (express) and under 5 working days for regular postage. Backordered purchases will be fulfilled when new stock arrives.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes we do! We're so confident that Flow will benefit you that we offer a 'no questions asked' guarantee.

How long will a bottle of Flow last?
Each bottle of Flow contains 60 capsules. We recommend people take two capsules per day, which will give you a one month supply.

Is Flow natural?
Yes it is! All of our ingredients can be found in nature, from all around the world in fact! Flow is also vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and pesticide free.

Is Flow safe?
Absolutely. We would never sell a product that doesn’t have a proven safety profile. Each ingredient in Flow has been clinically-proven as safe via multiple clinical trials. Each compound has “GRAS” status (Generally Recognised As Safe). In addition, we lab test each batch of Flow for heavy metals and active ingredients, to ensure that each bottle we ship is A+.

Where can I learn more about Flow's research?
We have an ongoing database of public research on each of the ingredients in our formula(s). If you're interested in learning more, check out our glossary.


Flow by day, Doze by night.

As the saying goes: 'Good things come in pairs', which is where the magic of optimising your sleep with Doze and enhancing your mind with Flow comes into play. Waking up feeling refreshed, ready to conquor the day combined with getting in the zone and clarity of mind is a feeling of beauty that we all seek. Well, gone are the days of wishing for such a state... the power to kick-ass on a daily begins with YOU making the decision to go beyond the norm, to stop accepting average and leverage the power of nature to perform better.

Flow helps to reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration, keep your energy levels balanced during the day, keep calm under pressure and enhance memory recall.

Doze helps to get deeper and more restorative sleep, feel refreshed each morning, decrease daytime tiredness, get to sleep quicker and feel relaxed before bed.

Money back guarantee

Get a full refund if Flow / Doze don’t work for you.

Delivered in 1 - 3 days via AusPost.

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Flow 4.8 / 5 stars.


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Anyone who subscribes to Flow+Doze gets a free Pillsy bottle, which automatically tracks your doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. Works with iPhone and Android.

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Sleep quality
Sleep latency
Sleep continuity

Sleep quality

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Sleep quality

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Sleep quality

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Sleep quality

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Sleep quality

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Sleep quality

Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi welsh onion daikon amaranth tatsoi tomatillo melon azuki bean garlic.

A duo formulated to help you kick more ass, every day.

Designed by Neuroscientists.
Backed by clinical trials.

Learn about the science

Adam Karlovsky
Data scientist and chief
researcher at Hapi.

At Hapi we believe good science should come first. Unlike many companies who use pseudoscience to create unsafe, untested products with little clinical evidence, we follow a strict evidence-based protocol when it comes to formulating our products.

Flow brain guide.

Our cognitive-enhancement guide covers how you can optimise your mental performance using a range of practices; whether it be through meditation, auditory stimulation or supplements, there are many ways to get into deep states of consciousness.


Doze sleep guide.

Sleep is one of those things we all know we need more of, yet continue to neglect. Optimising one’s sleep is the single-most effective performance enhancer known to mankind, and in our guide we cover a range of holistic methods to get a better sleep.


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Flow is a formulated supplementary sports food. Not suitable for children under 18 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietic supervision. This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program.


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