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Hapi is taking a break. Orders will be shipped every Monday.
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The science of Hapi products.

At Hapi we believe good science should come first. You can learn all about our research and quality assurance protocols below.


Unlike many companies who use pseudoscience to create unsafe, untested products with little clinical evidence, we have opted to follow a strict evidence-based protocol when it comes to formulating our products.

Second to that we have embraced transparency from day one. Instead of operating in a very secretive manner, we have chosen to be very open about everything we do. We believe this will hold us accountable and ensure we stay true to our mission of putting people before profits.

We have created this page as a walkthrough of our process so that you can see the science that goes into the products we create.

Flow ingredients:

We have an ongoing glossary of the ingredients we use in Flow. You can click any of the ingredients below to understand what they are, how they work and the clinical evidence behind them.

Quality assurance:

Hapi work with the National Measurement Institute, a lab-testing facility of the Australian government to run heavy-metal and microbiology tests on each batch of Flow. Click here to scroll to our QA section below.

Hapi researchers.

Hapi currently has two in-house scientists based in Australia who formulate our products, Adam and Jack.

How Flow works infographics.

Some people are more visual than others, that’s why we’ve put together two simple infographics that walk through how Flow works.

The Hapi R&D process.

We follow a strict evidence-based protocol, accompanied with a user-centred methodology. This allows us to deeply understand the needs of our end customers, figure out what job they’re using our product for, and formulate a product that will influence said outcomes.

Define the JTBDs

This is an initial high level process where we identify the ‘Jobs to be done’ of a product we plan to create. This involves understanding what outcomes people want when they use the product.

Identify applicable cognitive systems

After we have determined the benefits our product needs to create for people, we identify the cognitive systems that are responsible for influencing said outcomes. This gives us a framework for selecting specific ingredients.

Review Studies

The next step is to review significant amounts of scientific literature on individual compounds, to determine if they influence the right cognitive systems. Once we create a pool of potential compounds, we review each of them individually via a meta-analysis, and eliminate any that do not follow our AAA rating system (long term safety profile safety, repeated and statistically significant efficacy etc).

Preclinical Development and Safety

Once we have established a pool of AAA rated compounds, we review how they pharmacologically interact with one another, and select a synergistic combination for our preliminary formulation.

Ethics Committee Submission

After a formulation is decided on, we compile all of the research into an ethics committee proposal, which we submit to an Australian ethics body.

Clinical Safety Testing

Upon ethics approval we proceed to conducting a Phase 1 pilot clinical trial, to test the safety of the formulation we have created.

Clinical Efficacy Testing

Once the Phase 1 clinical trial successfully proves that the formulation is safe for consumption by healthy individuals, we perform a Phase 2 clinical trial that looks at the efficacy of the formulation, to ensure our original hypothesis is valid.

TGA Submission

Finally, once all clinical trials are successfully completed, we submit the product as a whole to the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, who regulate supplements and complimentary medicine products. This results in an official ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) certificate that validates our product is ready for usage.

Flow pilot clinical trial.

Hapi are currently in the preliminary stages of conducting Australia’s first clinical trial on a natural cognitive blend, Flow. It’s a Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo-controlled, Multiple Dose Study on the Effects of Flow in Mildly Stressed Professionals Following Daily Oral Dosing. You can learn more about it here.

Quality assurance.

The final stage of ensuring our products are safe to consume are strict quality assurance protocols. You would be surprised how many products on the market don’t contain the active ingredients they promise. Many supplement products can also include alarming levels of heavy metals and contaminants. Below are the steps we take to make sure each bottle we ship is A+.

Supplier vetting

As we use a variety of ingredients in each our of product blends, we need to work with many suppliers. Once we find a potential supplier, we go through a due dilligence process with them. This ranges from the basics like using a cGMP-Certified manufacturing facility, to more sophisticated things like the extraction processes they use. This is why our products include many patented ingredients, as we find the companies who produce them follow better QA protocols.

Pre manufacturing ingredient lab testing

Once a supplier has met our standards, we get a sample of each individual ingredient lab tested by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute facility. We test for standardisations of the active compounds, heavy metals, contaminants and pesticides, to make sure they a) Meet our standards and b) Verify the suppliers COAs are accurate.

Post manufacturing lab testing

After initial lab testing is done, we go through a manufacturing process of combining all of the ingredients and encapsulating them, which results in a commercially available product. Once this process is complete, we do a randomised post manufacturing lab test on several of the finished products, to make sure there was no contamination during production, ensuring that the product is safe for consumption.

Publish results

In the name of transparency, we provide the lab testing results for the latest batch of each produce online. Vew them in PDF format here.

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