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We see the human body as set of systems that can be improved upon. Just like you update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, you can upgrade your body to perform better.


Our mission is to help people perform at their best by holistically improving their bodies. The "modern" healthcare system has its flaws, focusing on a reactionary disease model rather than a human potential model. We think there's a better way.

Our approach is to pioneer practices that focus on natural wellness and prevention, as opposed to the standard way of treating illness via pharmaceutical subscriptions and expensive operations.

We imagine a world where being healthy isn't a guessing game. A world where wellness is democratised and avaliable to everyone, right from their pocket, at a fraction of the cost.

We see a world where people use their mobile-phones to instantly diagnose themselves, more accurately and more effectively than a local doctor ever could.

This removes the incentive to keep people sick (which is infinitely more profitable), and rather focuses on helping people kick ass. That's the way it should be.

Welcome to our vision of the future. A Hapi vision of the future, one could say.

Phase I - "The brain".

We now live in the "information age", where knowledge-work is becoming more and more important. Unlike our Palaeolithic selves millions of years ago, we no longer live in a world where physical activities like hunting for food dominates our schedule.

Rather we live in a world where we can control entire companies from behind a screen, anywhere with an internet connection. As such, we need to adapt for such times by improving our cognitive-output.

This is where our journey began in 2014, when we launched Noots, a nootropics company. After realising that popping a pill isn't the best way to help people optimise their performance, we decided to think bigger and create a new company, Hapi, which reflects our grander ambitions.

We aim to push forward with this first phase by pioneering our natural Flow product. This will be achieved by clinically proving that Flow is effective at reducing mental fatigue, boosting energy levels, improving concentration, and bettering problem solving abilities.

Our approach is to run multiple "transparent, double-blind placebo-controlleld clinical trials", with all the data open to the public to ensure there's no bias or manipulation of results.

Once we are certain that we have a proven product which can improve the brain performance of millions of people, we will move forward to our next phase.

Phase II - "The body".

The brain is but one system in the body, albeit a very essential one! We firmly believe that performing at ones best requires a holistic approach, that focuses on improving ones sleep, diet, fitness and cognition in parallel.

When you really think about it, there's no good reason for somebody to take a cognitive-enhancing product if their sleep, diet and fitness is not optimised to begin with.

It's very important to take care of the fundamentals before all else, to ensure there's a strong base to build upon. Otherwise you will be doing more harm than good, trying to optimise one area before fixing the others.

In response to this, our second phase will focus on creating products for each area. One to help with sleep, one to help meet your daily recommended nutritional intake, one to boost physical performance, and finally our existing Flow product to improve cognition.

This will be accompanied by many guides for each area, as the products themselves are just the icing on the cake, not the full solution.

Which leads us onto bridging that gap with phase-three.

Phase III - "Personalised wellness".

This is where things get really exciting! Phase three is where we plan to build a virtual wellness coach that collects biometric information, such as sleep, diet, fitness and cognitive data— analyses each area—and offers recommendations on how to go from low-performing to high-performing.

In simple terms, an app that feeds in data from other services and devices such as a Fitbit, and uses that data to learn your habits and optimise your body.

This will be achieved by leveraging cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and genomics technologies, all of which we see as infinitely more effective than humans at getting the job done.

Just imagine training a machine to read medical papers and learn academic curriculum. A machine that is constantly reading and analysing the latest medical research, to identify the most effective methods at making people better.

Better yet, imagine a wellness coach "in the cloud" that can be accessed through a mobile-device in your palm, instantly. No booking. No insurance fees. Just instant access to a world-class wellness coach and medical professional in your hand.

That's phase three. Bridging technology with the human body in a non-intrusive manner, to truly let people take control of their health.

Phase IV - "Personalised human".

Once phase three is achieved, we plan to take it a step further and utilise the vast amount of health data we have gathered, and begin developing never before seen methodologies, treatments and products that improve the wellness of populations all around the world.

This will focus on leveraging big data and sophisticated pattern recognition, combined with genomic data and the insights realised from the machine-learning practices in phase three.

This is just the first step to establish what makes the most sense when it comes to creating new treatments. Once potential treatments are identified, we will begin to run clinical trials to determine if the hypothesis works in practical terms, safely and effectively.

By this time we anticipate that genetic sequencing, nanotechnology and biotechnology will have advanced to such a degree, that they will be ready for practical use in humans.

Nobody quite knows how this will all unfold, yet, but it will surely be a massive breakthrough in health, wellness and human evolution.


All phases up until this point will have focused purely on improving what's called the "health span", which is how long people live in good health. Think of this as quality of life.

Improving ones health span maximises their life for the better, by keeping them healthy and sharp for as long as possible, as opposed to living miserably in poor health for decades in a retirement home, not able to do much.

If we are able to achieve all phases up until this point, we believe the next logical step will be to conquer ageing, by using all of the systems and technologies we will have created to eliminate "death by disease or ageing" entirely, allowing people to live indefinitely healthy lives.

But that's very far in the future. We have a lot of ground to cover before we start thinking of this kind of thing!

Final words.

All and all we are here to improve the performance and wellness of as many people as we possibly can, and fight the battle against organisations trying to profit from people's illnesses.

We're Hapi. A company for people, not shareholders.

Stay in the know.

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